14 Holiday Gifts for the Literary Foodie in Your Life


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Let me add my voice to the masses: Can you believe it’s the holiday season again?

As someone who loves giving gifts and finding unique items for friends/family, I love this time of year. So today we’re focusing on the literary foodie: a person who loves to keep up with the latest releases and food trends in equal measure. 

Let’s face it: Your pal is used to receiving cookbooks. That’s not fun. That’s not original. This list is full of items specifically for serving, entertaining, or kitchen decor for the literary foodie in your life. We’ve also seen a lot of mugs, wine glasses, etc., so for this list I tried to include an array of unique items that would be a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen. The quotes or book titles included in these products skew largely toward classics, but a handful of these items are also able to be customized with the book or saying of your choice. Products with customization options will be noted!

Whether you’re looking for a host/ess gift, a holiday gift, or a “just because” gift — these items will be sure to please.

Literary Gifts for Foodies

An overhead photo of two white tea towels with a silhouette of a woman in black and the title, "Pride and Prejudice" with the date 1813 below it. To the right of the tea towels is a bottle of wine, glasses, grapes, and a cheese board.

These Pride & Prejudice tea towels add the perfect decorative touch to any kitchen. $13

Eight wine glass charms are looped around the stem of a clear wine glass. The charms are silver and in the shapes of books, pen nibs, a typewriter, and a beanie hat.

These little wine glass charms make for great conversations starters and would be awesome for book clubs. $19.

A deep brown cutting board in the shape of a book with a knife laying on the top right hand corner. The spine of the cutting board reads, "Marinade Poppins."

This Marinade Poppins cutting board also makes for fantastic decor. $100–110 depending on size, custom title can be made upon request.

An overhead shot of a wooden charcuterie board. Etched into the wood is a graphic of a raven with the words, "Nevermore" in the top right hand corner. To the right of the cutting board are two striped tea towels and a butcher knife.

Quoth the raven, with charcuterie all the rage, this Edgar Allen Poe serving board is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. $70

An engraved silver spoon lays on a green polkadot mat. The spoon is wrapped in plastic but the engraving is still visible, it reads, "I love you more than you love books."

Show your love for the bookworm in your life with a bold statement on a vintage carved teaspoon. You can also change the type of spoon and your text with a custom order. $21

An overhead shot of a light blue, cloth pie carrier. There is a pie tin poking out of the carrier with three apples in it. There is writing on the bottom half of the pie carrier that reads, "A party without cake is just a meeting," Julia Child.

This cute pie carrier keeps all your baked goods (and salads and main dishes, everything really) safe during holiday travel. $31

A graphic illustration meant to be framed and hung on a wall. "Grate Expectations" is at the top, with a cheese grater and a wedge of cheese at the bottom.

More literary puns? Obvi. This “Grate Expectations” print would look fantastic in any kitchen. Starts at $18 for an 8×10 print.

On a brown marble kitchen counter, there are two potholders. They are both black with an array of different books and a green multi-colored polkadot edges. There are also three bookworms between the piles of books.

Little bookworms with glasses adorn these adorable bookshelf potholders. At 7×7 inches, they work great for larger dishes as well! $6

An overhead shot of a light brown wood serving tray. The words, "Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first? - Alice in Wonderland." In the bottom left hand corner of the serving tray is a graphic of a tea spot, milk jug, and sugar container.

You can serve more than tea on this Alice in Wonderland tray! Breakfast in bed, afternoon snacks, the possibilities are as endless as Alice’s adventures. $50

A red napkin and a teal napkin lie on top of a white doily. The napkins are the disposable paper ones with a graphic of a bookshelf embossed in. There are four levels of the bookshelf with different numbers of books on the respective shelves.

These bookshelf-embossed paper napkins come in oodles of colors and add the right amount of literary flair to any occasion. $4 for 10 napkins.

A photo of a group of painted eggs with egg-related book title puns. The egg cups are different colors and hand-painted.

Start the day with books and eggs! Choose from 11 egg pun book titles on these cute hand-painted egg cups. $19

An overhead shot of a cake knife and a cake server. They are plated server with clear handles. On the necks of both utensils is a paper flower made out of pages of books

These cake serving utensils are absolutely beautiful, with decorative flowers made out of book pages. You can choose from a list of books or request a specific one. $25

An overhead photo of a wine bottle and two wine glasses in a display. The two glasses can be stored upside down in this wine display and the board has a hole in the middle that can rest around the bottleneck of the wine bottle. There is a long quote from Pride and Prejudice engraved in.

With the iconic words from Mr. Darcy’s confession to Elizabeth, this wine display holds two wine glasses and balances on a bottle of wine. $10

A white placemat with a collection of six vintage books. The titles of these books are, "Scouts up-channel" by Percy F. Westerman. "The Coming of the Nuns," 'Queer Chums," by Charles Henry Eden, W. H. Oberend. "Roger the Scout," by Herbert Stranger and George Lawrence. "Men Who Have Resentment," by James Hogg. "Christie's Old Organ," by Amy Catherine Walton. "The Old Helmet," by J. Nisbet.

Serve your guests on this literary placemat with titles that are 100 years old! There is also a matching coaster set that can be purchased separately. $13


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