“Now What?” by Brenda Faatz and illustrated by Peter Trimarco

Brenda Faatz and illustrated by Peter Trimarco

“Now What?” a question we all have said and heard and hear from children at all ages and even us adults.  “Now What?” is a children’s story picture book that was written by a wife and husband team Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco that shares and tells a story of diversity.  The main character of Lizzy is a little girl, who seems to like to stay busy as you will see as you read the book.  Lizzy also has a pet dog that she plays with all the time from one activity to another and meets a new friend.

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Brenda wrote this story as if it was a poem or even a song from the rhymes that she has come up with that are surprising, which is a good surprise for it made the story fun to read.  Peter has drawn the pictures that to me seem almost ‘dreamlike’.  The pictures to me seemed to be muted just a little on some of them.  The words and the pictures explain what it means to be friends whether human or animal.  My favorite pages were these ones. I liked the one that read “Fantazzy” especially how Peter drew the word.  A few other pictures that I liked was when Lizzy was searching in her closet for something to do and I saw a set of bagpipes, which I thought showed a bit of culture for Lizzy for that instrument is a little unusual to find in a child’s closet, but interesting.  I also liked what the author and artist wrote and drew about after the rain shower with the remnants of the hopscotch game and the animals paw prints.  Quite a story that teachers could get quite a number of lessons to use, as in building character.



About the Author

Brenda Faatz has an undeniable connection with children. Some say it’s because they instinctively know “one of their own.” A graduate of The University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Musical Theatre, Brenda is a professional singer, dancer, and actor. Along with her husband, Peter Trimarco, she wrote the music, lyrics, and script for the original Wee Noteables musical theatre live performance series for children. Peter Trimarco was a fine arts student who graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in literature and went on to pursue a career as an editorial cartoonist…but drawing ‘grownups’ stopped being fun. Before being inspired by the opportunity to co-write and illustrate a children’s book with Brenda, he journeyed through life as an entertainment industry professional. From art director to executive producer to publisher of an international film magazine, he found a good deal of success before turning his efforts to creating books for children.

ISBN:  9781733354820
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46 pages

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