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This volume offers detailed instructions for developing a self-help cognitive behavior therapy program for coping with these issues. Walker provides brief descriptions of a few teens who are afflicted with social anxiety and presents their results as they navigate their way through the steps of the therapy. Readers are prompted to assess their levels of anxiety, recognize their current avoidance and safety behaviors, identify all of the situations that typically distress them, and rate the level of anxiety associated with each type of situation. This involves creating detailed paper or online index cards that will provide guidance for their behavior therapy. Armed with all of this new information, teens are encouraged to regard their target encounters as rungs on a ladder, tackling the least stressful ones first by making predictions of outcomes and then deliberately exposing themselves to the feared situations and tracking outcomes. The somewhat complex steps are not always provided in order. Sometimes concepts are briefly introduced but only fully explained in following chapters. Troublingly, even though the teens portrayed often display extreme levels of anxiety resulting in alienation from peers, there’s no information offered on suicidal ideation or specific resources for those experiencing such desperation.


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