Space Throne by Brian Corley


Brian Corley

What a concept for a science fiction story.  ‘Space Throne’ is a hilarious sci-fi adventure for young adults or anyone else that appreciates good clever writing. Brian Corley Author of Ghost Bully  brings you a Space opera in the name of Space Throne , a story that Brian Corleykind of reminds me of the ‘Star Trek’ television series and the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and all the other types of Star Wars stories. Move over Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk. There is a new hero in town(space).  ‘Space Throne’ is the story of a man named Parr and his search of who he really wants and wanted to be.  Parr and his friends Manc, Ren and Aurora all have a job to do that will affect all of them one way or another.

‘ Space Throne’ is also a story that allows the reader to experience, even though imaginary the world of outer space and all the creatures along with all the sights and sounds and languages that each could possess.  Teachers who teach creative writing and reading courses could use this book to introduce the concept of style that is used in all kinds of science fiction writing and ask the question ‘Could this really happen?’

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The cover art of ‘Space Throne’ by Brian Corley works for me for the colors chosen for the cover depicts what a city on outer space could look like and that Parr visited.  Brian is a writer that makes his characters believable and his settings realistic.  I wanted to ride and see the places for Brian wrote this story in a very creative manner, so the reader could savor each of the situations given as he did on his voyages and the phrase ‘Do not eat the hot snacks’ while reading this book.

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ISBN:  978-0-578-70595-8 (paperback)
318 pages

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