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Did you know that October is National Cookbook Month? There’s not an official history of the celebration and the fact is, it’s likely a celebration that began on social media and has simply stuck. These things, of course, stick for good reason: we love cookbooks, even if they aren’t always the first place we turn when we’re itching to try a new recipe. But cookbooks stand by, waiting to be perused and enjoyed, and some become classics of literature.

Cookbooks are common to homes and kitchens, but there are many who are deeply devoted to cookbooks. They have the latest titles or every edition of a specific title or series (think: Moosewood Cookbooks, which were among my first and made my trip to the namesake restaurant so freaking cool). Cookbooks serve as pleasure reading, not just as reference material, and often, these cookbook lovers will try out the same recipe among numerous books to find what they consider “the best.”

It seems only natural that there’s also a dedicated space for gifts for cookbook lovers. These range from jewelry to bookends, bookmarks, and more. Find below a wide range of fun cookbook lover goods, perfect for your own kitchen or reading area or the kitchen/reading area of a loved one. Chances are these will be unique enough not to already be among your bookish decor collections.

Bonus: these are perfect even beyond National Cookbook Month. Because for many, National Cookbook Month is a year-long celebration.

The Sweetest Gifts for Cookbook Lovers

Image of "From the kitchen of" custom stamper with a fork and spoon in the center.

Mark every cookbook you own as yours with this custom book stamp. The fork and knife as simply perfect. $25 and up.

Rainbow colored sticker sheet. Each sticker is a tiny cookbook which reads "cook book."

Keep track of your cooking plans with these teeny cookbook stickers, perfect for your bullet journal or wall calendar. $3.

Image of "cookbook reader" blue enamel pin

Talk about the perfect enamel pin. It’d look great on your apron, wouldn’t it? $11.

Image of a print that features a stack of cookbooks and a CS Lewis quote.

Your kitchen would love to have this cookbook print on its walls. This bright and colorful cookbook print features a CS Lewis quote that reads, “Eating and reading are two pleasures than combine admirably.” Correct. $29.

Image of a wall hook with a background made from a vintage cookbook page.

I love repurposed books, and this wall hook makes use of a vintage cookbook page to make it not only useful, but clever and fun, too. $18, and you can choose from a few different styles in the shop.

Image of a miniature cookbook and whisk with a brown string to hang them.

Hang this awesome mini cookbook ornament anywhere all year long. $15.

Image of red betty crocker picture cookbook made into a purse with antique wooden handles.

Carry your favorite recipes with you in this repurposed Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book purse. The antique wooden handles are a nice touch! $65 and up.

Image of a necklace with burger and grilling cookbook charms. There is a burger charm at the center.

For burger lovers and grill masters, this necklace is for you. $55.

Six bookmarks made from vintage cookbooks. They are in a variety of colors.

These cookbook tags are up-cycled from vintage cookbooks. Use ’em as bookmarks! $8 for the set of six.

Silver earrings with cookbook charms.

These silver dangling cookbooks would look perfect in the ears of any cookbook lover. $13.

Light switch cover with vintage cookbook page on it.

I dream of someday making my kitchen very mod, and this mod vintage cookbook light switch would fit in it perfectly. $15.

Image of a white apron. On the apron is a stack of classic cookbooks.

A cookbook lover probably always needs a new apron, and this cookbook apron would be perfect. $31 and up.

White coffee mug that reads "Cookbook collectors are the best lovers."

Gotta love a mug that calls it like it is. $16.

Set of bookends. The one on the left is a spoon, using forms to hold open a book. The right is a fork, also using forks to hold open a book.

These book ends are hilarious and perfect right down to the finger-on-a-sentence detail. $60.

Orange "spirited cooking" book that has a hollowed center.

Stash your kitchen and cooking must-haves in this hollow “Spirited Cooking” book. $58.

Image of a hand holding a book plate. The book plate features a chef with a loaf of bread on the bottom. The top reads "Enjoy and Create, Kindly return to."

These book plates not only feature a delightful chef and loaf of bread, but I love the detail in asking users to enjoy AND create. Personalize a set starting at $20.

Image of a canvas bin. The text reads "cookbooks" and above it are a rolling pin, whisk, and spoon.

If you’re not into keeping your cookbooks on shelves or together with bookends, perhaps this cookbook storage bin is the perfect solution. $52.

Image of a colorful notecard featuring pantry staples and cookbooks.

How pretty are these mini kitchen pantry notecards? Snag a set of six for $5.

Two cutting boards designed like books. The top one is titled "A time to grill." The bottom one is titled "Marinade poppins."

Last and CERTAINLY not least, personalize a punny cutting board in the shape and design of a book. $100 and up.

So now that you’re hungry, why not dig into some cookbook club cookbooks, cookbooks for winter hibernation, or learn the history of cookbooks.


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