A marketing pro shares her formula for success.

Guest, who runs a marketing agency, school, and coaching company, lays out a strategy designed to create “overwhelming demand, no matter the circumstances” in a manual that brims with enthusiasm. Urging readers to think differently, she begins by debunking five common marketing myths regarding customers, digital advertising, branding, effectiveness, and marketing versus advertising. The antidote is the author’s trademarked “Client Stampede Formula,” a seven-step process delineated in chapters that explain each phase, employ examples/case studies, and include handsome, full-color graphics. There are only so many ways marketing can be executed, so experienced professionals in this field will undoubtedly recognize the formula’s steps, which include identifying a target market, honing the message, applying branding techniques, and using packaging effectively. Step 6 (“Your High Performance Marketing Engine”) may be the meatiest and most meaningful of all. Here, Guest does an excellent job of explaining the benefits of a marketing system, demonstrating how it works, and identifying the system’s primary tools related to three key areas: “attraction,” “conversion,” and “retention.” Step 6 is richly detailed with actionable advice about mailing lists, the media, and specific promotional tools and techniques. In contrast, Step 7 (“Creating Extraordinary Experience”) seems to promise more than it delivers; while it includes some pertinent examples, a mere three pages of sketchy details pale in comparison to previous chapters. Appended to the end of the book is a helpful section in which the author offers wise solutions to such problems as “We Get a Poor Response to Digital Marketing,” “We Have Lots of Website Traffic but Low Conversions,” and “We Rebranded but It Hasn’t Grown Business.” This part nicely integrates with the seven steps and rounds out the work. Guest is an adept storyteller; her prose is engaging, breezy, and informal despite a sales pitch for her services that’s a bit heavy-handed at times. Quotations are effectively used, both to lead off each chapter and as graphic elements between sections. In all, the manual is a testament to the author’s own marketing skills.

A slickly packaged, well-executed marketing guide.

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Publisher: Blue Sky Publishing

Review Posted Online: Sept. 16, 2021


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