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I’ve used only two bookmarks the majority of my adult reading life. One is a wooden bookmark from a former boss who picked it up for me in Tasmania — it smells like the native Australian tree it came from. The other is a metal bookmark I saw in a store while traveling and, thanks to a fire alarm that went off in the middle of shopping, ended up not being purchased because after standing out in the cold with scores of others who’d been inside the store, I walked away and went back to my hotel. I found a friend with a store near them that had the bookmark, a metal rabbit inspired by Alice in Wonderland, sent them the cash, and got it in my hands. Fearful of losing my favorite metal bookmark, I recently purchased one in a different style and can now say I primarily use metal bookmarks to keep track of where I am in a book.

What I love about metal bookmarks is how sturdy they are, as well as how intricate they can be. I love the rabbit bookmark I have, with his long ears, sitting in a collection of toadstools. It’s thin, flexible, and also nearly indestructible. The second metal bookmark I have is a cat in a winter coat, with a long tail perfect for hooking on top of a page.

I’m in awe of how many clever ways that metal bookmarks can be designed, and as a bonus, I love knowing how sturdy and reliable they are for the job. If you’re in the market for a good bookmark, I can’t recommend going this route enough. Pick out something you love and know that because it’s metal, it’s going to be with you for the long haul.

Let’s take a peep at some of the incredible metal bookmarks you might want to add to your life.

Rad and Reliable Metal Bookmarks

Love the sakura? Then you’re going to love this rose gold sakura bookmark. Swoon. $32

Chinese-inspired colorful metal bookmarks

Whether you’re looking for a nine-tailed fox, a deer, fish, swans, or other incredible animals inspired by Chinese design and mythos, you’re going to find all that and more with these unbelievable metal bookmarks. $16 each.

Image of an array of gold metal bookmarks, including a cicada, a lotus, and a gingko leaf. All of them are on a red book cover.

I’m so very tempted to scoop up that lotus bookmark, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options here, including the firefly, the cicada, the clover, the gingko leaf, and more. $10 and up.

Image of a gold and a rose gold metal bookmark in the shape of a serpent. They're on and beside an open copy of a book.

Choose what kind of metal look you’d like with this hammered serpent bookmark. I love that you can use this at the top or the side of a page to mark your place. $17

Image of a silver metal bookmark which reads "She believed she could, so she did <3".

Looking for something a little more simple in design? Make your own custom metal bookmark — or gift one, as this would make an excellent surprise for the reader in your life. $21 and up.

Image of three bookmarks in gold, bronze, and silver. They're thin and metal with custom sayings on them.

Another option for a custom metal bookmark is this long and narrow one. You can choose what it says, of course, but you can also decide whether you’d like a smooth or hammered finish. $18 and up.

Image of a long stem metal bookmark.

One more customizable option is this long stem bookmark. I love that the entire length of the bookmark tucks into the book’s gutter, while you can have a peep of something on top (perhaps a perfect place for an initial or monogram). $10

Image of a gold bookmark designed like  a globe. It's on a black book cover.

An absolutely beautiful globe bookmark. If you want to look at other options in this shop, you’re not going to be disappointed with either the deer or the peacock. $10

Image of a metal bookmark with a moon and mountains. It's tucked into a book.

Less intricate, but no less gorgeous, is this moon and stars metal bookmark. I’m a big fan of the castle here — this is a fantasy I’d like to live inside. $10

Image of a round metal moon bookmark, which reads "Midnight readers club."

Do you take part in a midnight readers club? $12

Image of a single gold gingko leaf bookmark.

This gingko leaf if one of the many options you can select from here and I think the tassel makes it look even cooler. $10

Image of a dragon bookmark. The main colors are black, red, and yellow.

Calling all book dragons! $14

Dragon bookmark. Primary colors are red, teal, white, and gold.

Want more metal dragon bookmark options? I’ve got you! $21 and up.

Image of three metal bird bookmarks, including a hummingbird and a swallow.

Choose an intricate metal bird bookmark, including a hummingbird or a swallow (and I believe that bottom one is a raven). $14

Image of a tiny pink flamingo bookmark peeping out of a black book.

Or maybe you prefer a simple pink flamingo bookmark, also metal. $20

Image of four metal bookmarks, including a violin, trumpet, french horn, and treble clef, on top of a book.

Build your own band with these metal music bookmarks. A set of eight will run you $16.

Image of a whale bookmark. The whale has celestial scenes and the moon phases behind it.

Not only is this a gorgeous whale bookmark, but the inclusion of celestial elements like the moon phases and constellations makes this even cooler. $20

Image of a bookmark featuring a black cat and goldfish. It's a thin, round bookmark with a green tassel.

This gold plated bookmark is just gorgeous. I want to hang out with that cat and that fish. $22 and up.

Image of four rabbit bookmarks that include three full rabbits and one rabbit paw.

Last but not least, I know I don’t need another rabbit bookmark, but these cuties make it so hard to resist. Grab a rabbit paw or a full-fledged rabbit bookmark. $3 each.

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