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No shiny baubles or books with printed stickers on the cover for the readers on your list this year. Sustainability is the name of the game. Buying sustainable gifts for readers is much easier today than it was even five years ago. Thanks to innovation, resourcefulness, and the growing dedication to purchasing sustainably, green isn’t just a color anymore.

Shopping sustainably isn’t just about making eco-friendly choices for now. It’s about finding beautiful and useful items that can be enjoyed for many years. Sustainable gifts aren’t a new concept, either. Traditional sustainable gifts include things like citrus fruit and nuts that can be consumed, quilts and winter coats that can be mended and repurposed, and cookware that lasts generations.

Almost everything you can think of has an eco-friendly counterpart available. When browsing online for sustainable gifts for book lovers, look for natural, recycled, or handmade materials. Even with electronics, look for clever gadgets that make life easier and greener. There’s more than the gift to consider, too. In the U.S., over 2.3 million pounds of waste is generated every holiday season with gift wrap alone! It’s easy to wrap gifts in an earth-friendly way. Try a silk scarf from the thrift store for gift wrap or save up paper grocery bags to wrap gifts. Use scrap yarn to tie on a gift tag made out of an old cereal box. Get creative and have fun!

From upcycled stationery to bookish wearable goods, these are the best sustainable gifts for readers!

Paper Goods

Plantable Notebook with bees and flowers on the cover

Plant the cover of this 140-page recycled notebook for a gift that keeps on giving! $12

Recycled Book Page Bookmarks

Opt for a surprise book or a favorite, and give the torn page of a book new life with a couple of these bookmarks. $4 each

Plantable Reading Log Shelf Bookmarks

When the bookshelf reading log is full, it’s time to plant these cute bookmarks. $5 each

Clothing & Accessories

Pride and Prejudice Paper Bead Bracelet

Show the Austenite in your life you care, most ardently, with a recycled book bracelet. $21

Claire Fraser Inspired Shawl

This PDF pattern inspired by Claire Fraser’s Carolina Shawl fits inside an email! $10

Daisy Jones and the Six Retro Poster Tote Bag

This 100% cotton tote is perfect for library trips, book club, buying snacks, and making strangers look up Daisy Jones on Spotify, $25


Old Library and Blue Book-Shaped Soaps Set

Time to reset and relax with this custom soap and library-scented soy candle set. $25

Song of Achilles Perfume Oil

Smell like a hero with this delicious blend of pomegranate, sandalwood, and cypress perfume oil. $14

Book Dragon Perfume Solid in Tin

Perfect for frequent travelers, this solid perfume packs a punch in a teeny, tiny recyclable container. $16

Murder on the Orange Express Lip Balm in Zero Waste Tube

Orange you glad this Agatha Christie inspired lip balm comes in a zero-waste container? $12


Personalized Bamboo Tea Tumbler

Help them keep the winter chill away with this personalized bamboo tea infuser tumbler. $30

Literary classics tea sampler

Savor the classics with this literary-inspired tea sampler, starting at $17.

Little Women March Sisters Peg Doll Set

The little readers in your life can tell Little Women their own way with this hand painted peg doll set. $75 for the set.

Shh I'm Reading Candle in Brown Jar

Leather, teakwood, dark musk, patchouli, with a smack of leave-me-alone-I’m-reading, this soy wax candle is perfect for gifting. $20


When gifting books, the used bookstore is a great place to shop, especially if your recipient is trying to build their library. Ereaders are a popular choice for sustainable gifts, but consider a refurbished one instead! Ebooks can also be gifted for others through your favorite bookseller. Finally, ask your friends and family if they have any specific reading goals or what books are on their wishlist. Returning gifts is another major contributor to holiday waste.

Attainable Sustainable Book Cover

Attainable Sustainable by Kris Bordessa

This easy guide is packed with recipes, gardening hacks, natural remedies, craft ideas, and more for anyone wanting to start their city homestead, or simply become more self-reliant.

How to Go Almost Zero Waste Book Cover

How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste by Rebecca Grace Andrews

Take the baby steps towards going zero waste in this approachable guide. Andrews includes tips for everything from food to clothing to making bigger steps in your community.

Need more gift ideas? Try these eco-friendly ideas or check out last year’s Holiday gift guide for some inspiration.


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