Bookish Holiday Gifts for Readers: 2021 Edition


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Picking out gifts for the people you care about is fun if you do it without the last minute stress. I love researching and deliberating over gift options for family, friends, frenemies, and even friends of friends to arrive at a gift that is thoughtful and occasion appropriate. Paying attention and choosing gifts that are aligned with the recipient’s interests is the go-to strategy for a lot of skilled gift-givers. For the passionate readers in our lives, the obvious choice would be books. The joy of introducing to a fellow reader through a gift a book that they fall in love with is unparalleled. But book gifting comes with its own caveats. The recipient might have a towering TBR pile, and some very specific ideas about what they would like to read next. Unless you know their reading habits and the contents of their personal library thoroughly, there is a chance that they end up not enjoying a book that you picked for them. Or, they might already own the book or might have read it already.

Luckily for us, there are a host of bookish gift ideas that are not books for the readers in your lives, from quirky trinkets to fun and functional book themed goodies that they can use in their daily lives, the options are endless. There is something for every budget. So sit back, get your holiday planners out, and enjoy Book Riot’s round up of the best bookish gifts, 2021 edition. And don’t forget to sneak some goodies for yourself into your cart.

The Best Gifts for Readers 2021

Personalized library embosser from Etsy

A cute personalized embosser for all the books in their library. $28 for one handle and one stamp combo.

Virginia Woolf sticker from Etsy

This linocut Virginia Woolf Sticker is so cool! $3, and the shop has more bookish designs to choose from.

Women writers monochrome bookmark set from Etsy

Bookmarks featuring quotes from iconic women authors. $7 for the set of six.

Vintage literary note cards from Etsy

Book themed vintage-y note cards. $9 for a set of eight cards and eight envelopes.

Bookstagram pin from Etsy

Bookstagram pin perfect for the bookish influencer. Starts at $5.

Kindred spirits wall art from Etsy

Wall art for your bosom friend. Starts at $8.

Bookish stationery set from etsy

Bookish stationery set containing a bookmark, a postcard, and a sticker sheet. $10.

Book shaped wooden coasters from etsy

Solid wood book shaped coasters, with twenty-three classic books to choose from. $20 for a set of two coasters.

Literary tea bags from etsy

English Breakfast tea bags featuring quotes by famous authors on the tags. $14 for a pack of 25 tea bags.

Personalized book storage bag from etsy

Personalized canvas storage bin for books. $21

Cozy reader tote from etsy

Functional tote bag with cozy holiday reading vibes. $21.

Metal bookmarks from Etsy

Stunning metal bookmarks. $14 each.

Bookworm earrings from Etsy

Book and bookworm earrings for bookworms. $17

Alice in Wonderland book sleeve from Etsy

Alice in Wonderland book sleeve with different size options. Starts at $18.

For more bookish holiday ideas, check out this round up of the best literary holiday cards, the best bookish Etsy shops for Holiday gifting, or these kid lit inspired puzzles, and happy shopping!


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