Fall Bookmarks For Reading Season


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It’s cliche at this point to call fall reading season, but there’s a reason cliches resonate: they have some bit of the truth to them. This is the time of year when temperatures cool down — even if it’s minimal — and the nights grow longer and darker. Hoodies and warm beverages become irresistible, and once you’re settled in under a cozy blanket, it’s hard to not want to pick up a book and settle in. When you need to refill your cup, though, what better way to bring the season into your reading quite literally than with fall bookmarks?

I initially wanted to stick to fall floral bookmarks for this roundup, to correspond to the pressed flower bookmarks perfect for spring. There were surprisingly few, though, but they’re included. Also included among this selection of fall bookmarks are gourds and pumpkins, leaves, and all of the autumnal vibes in oranges, yellows, reds, and deep blues and purples. I haven’t included much in terms of spooky bookmarks because you can find them linked. Holiday themed bookmarks are also not included but we know how fall-themed goods work for all of the celebrations that land in this season.

Ready? Set? Let’s get our reading on.

Find the Perfect Fall Bookmarks

Image of a white hand holding an array of dried, pressed flower bookmarks in browns and dark greens.

Let’s begin with pressed flowers, shall we? Choose from an array of fall colors from real dried flowers. $9 and up

Image of a white bookmark with golden pressed ginko leaves.

My college had a giant gingko tree that inspired a number of legends, including one where if someone brushed their hair under a full moon there, they’d see the face of their one true love. I wonder if the same thing works with a bookmark? This golden gingko leaf bookmark is a beauty in either case. $12

Image of two bookmarks being held by a white hand. The bookmark on the left features a black cat on a white background, with mushrooms and leaves surrounding it. The bookmark on the right is the same, except the cat is white and background is black.

These may be the purr-fect fall bookmarks, featuring either a black or white cat on either a black or white background, surrounded by leaves and mushrooms. $4 each

Image of three pressed flower bookmarks with tassels on an open blank book.

The colors on these pressed flower bookmarks make them perfect for autumn. I’m especially loving the tassels on each and am leaning toward maybe purchasing that purple number on the left. $17

Image of a white hand holding a bookmark. The front of the bookmark at the foreground is golden yellow with white flowers. The back of the bookmark, in the background, is pink with gold hearts.

This golden floral bookmark is simple and yet perfect. I’m a big fan of the reverse being light pink with gold hearts. $4

Image of a bookmark on an open book. The bookmark is orange, red, and white plaid.

Choose from a range of fall-themed patterns for this double sided bookmark. I’m partial to this autumnal plaid number. $2 and up

Nine bookmarks in an array of light blues, golds, and light pinks, each with a fall theme to them.

So many options to choose from with these bookmarks, including acorns, pumpkins, plaids, and more. $3 and yes, you can pick your tassel color, too.

Image of pressed flower bookmark. Inside the bookmark are two yellow flowers and one orange flower. It has an orange tassel.

You cannot find better fall florals than the ones on this pressed bookmark. $7

Five laminated bookmarks, each of which has a variety of fall leaves inside. They are laying on an open book.

The pressed leaves bookmarks here are the definition of fall swooning. $9

Image of three magnetic bookmarks on an open book. The first reads

Choose from a festival book stack, a spicy latte, or a peppy pumpkin with these magnetic bookmarks. $5 each

Image of four black bookmarks. The bookmarks include foxes, raccoons, rabbits, hedgehogs, and pumpkins.

I love a good fauna-inspired bookmark and these woodland creatures are just perfect. $3 each

Image of both sides of a bookmark, on a white background, with two mini pumpkins. The front of the bookmark is a magical, witchy bookshelf, and the back features a witch's hat and stars.

Bookshelf goals, right here! $5

Two bookmarks on a white background. The bookmarks are both grey. The one on the left features an open book, mug of coffee, blanket, and pumpkins. The bookmark on the right features pumpkins. leaves, and candles.

It’ll be hard to pick which of these fall bookworm bookmarks to get, so go ahead and get both. $3 and up

The veil between the living and dead is thinnest this season, so why not lean into that vibe with these celestial bookmarks? $3 each

Squirrel and badger bookmarks being held by a white hand on a yellow background.

Badgers and squirrels and mushrooms, oh my! $4 for the set

Snap up a fancy leather leaf bookmark in a variety of color options. $10

Image of five bookmarks, each featuring a book stack in a fall colorway.

Finally, don’t overlook the simple. You’ll fall (heh) for these fall-colored book stack bookmarks. $3 and up


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