Festive Fall Bookshelf Decorations


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It’s a new season, which means a new bookshelf aesthetic. I love refreshing my bookshelves throughout the year, whether it’s fitting in new books or adding a touch of seasonal decor as the weather changes. No surprise then, that I’ve been putting out the pumpkins and jars of candy corn. It is that time of year, after all. But finding the perfect seasonal touches isn’t always an easy task. You want pieces that are easy to switch in and out and fit in with the rest of your decor. And, personally, one of my favorite places to find unique pieces I love is Etsy. The artisan marketplace is full of incredible finds. There’s always something unique to fit your style. And the items I’ve pulled together are the perfect place for you to get started on your own seasonal bookshelf decorating journey.

These festive fall bookshelf decorations are just what you need to spruce up your bookshelves for autumn. Pick a few favorites that fit your personal style or go all in for a big impact. There’s everything from seasonal touches to spooky Halloween decor. We’re talking pumpkin planters, skull bookends, and spell books galore! There’s a little something for everyone, whatever your style.

Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Succulent Planters

Pop some succulents into these adorable little pumpkins to add the perfect autumnal touch to your shelves. Price: $39.60

Spooky Candles

Spooky Skull Candle

What’s better than a candle? A spooky candle! And these skull and crow candles come in all sorts of season scents from Cranberry Apple to Autumn Wreath. Price: $15.21

Poisons, Brews, and Spells Book Spines

Black Spell Book Spines

Add some toxic poisons, brews & potions, and curses & spells to your bookshelf with these decorative black and silver books pines. Price: $37.80

Geometric Skull Planter Book Ends

Geometric Skull Book End Planters

Plants, pens, bookmarks– these geometric skull book ends are ready to hold all that and more while they keep your favorite fall books neatly in place. Price: $51.30

Book Page Pumpkins

Book Page Pumpkins

Little pumpkins made from books–is there anything cuter? Price: $18.00

Leather Spell Book

Leather Spell Book Replica

Add some serious shock factor to your bookshelf with this eye-catching leather spell book. Just don’t go lighting any black flame candles around it, okay? Price: $32.99

Melting Candleholders

Melting Porcelain Candleholders

Get that haunted house vibe you’ve been going for by adding a few strategic melting candles around your books. Flickering mood lighting optional. Price: $35.72

Old Fashioned Poison Bottles

Old Fashioned Apothecary Poison Bottles

Could I interest you in a little poison? Don’t worry, these old fashioned brown medicine bottles don’t contain any actual dangerous chemicals, but their vintage labels will be enough to convince any stragglers perusing your shelves. Price: $8.00

Cute Ghost Figures

Smiling Ghost Figures

A couple of adorable little ghosts will be right at home next to your copy of The Haunting of Hill House. Price: $10.79

Poison Apple Spell Book

Poison Apple Spell Book

Put a spell book on display and hope no one uses any poison apples against you. Price: $26.00

Paper Mache Book Pumpkin

Paper Mache Book Pumpkin

Set one of these adorable paper mache pumpkins atop your favorite books for a more subtle fall look. Price: $20.00

Book Page Leaf Garland

Book Page Leaf Garland

Drape this book page garland across your shelves for an easy bookshelf makeover. Price: $10.00

Stamped “Hello Pumpkin” Books

Stamped Fall Books

Find some empty shelf space for these stamped books to add a fun fall saying to your bookshelves. Price: $10.00

Stained Glass Spider

Stained Glass Spider

Hang this stained glass spider from the top of your bookshelf to add a touch of fun, gothic flair. Price: $34.99

Gothic Author Portraits

Gothic Author Portraits

Speaking of gothic– how about a few famous gothic author portraits to place among your books? You’ll obviously want to pair them up with their famous works of fiction. Price: $15.00

Felt Ball Pumpkin Garland

Felt Ball Pumpkin Garland

And to add a final finishing touch, pick out a fun felt ball garland to hand across your bookshelves to add a pop of color and a festive feel. Price: $18.00

Be sure to share your festive fall bookshelf decorations with us over on Instagram! We’d love to see what you come up with.

But wait, those aren’t all the bookish fall decorating tips we have up our sleeves:

And these tips on how to decorate a bookshelf might also come in handy while we’re at it.


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