As they enjoy pastimes like music, dancing, and riding bicycles, kids of various ethnicities share how they use their voices as self-expression in everyday scenarios. They say, “The world is full of many different voices. I celebrate mine.” The text acknowledges that we use our voices for more than merely talking; we support others, for example. It also reflects how nature serves as inspiration when it comes to embracing ourselves, pursuing passions, and cultivating positivity. For instance, a singing child is “loud and free like a songbird”; others “spread kindness,” like a “butterfly spreading its wings.” Readers are encouraged to cherish their uniqueness, like the multicolored “sparklemuffin spider,” who is “different.” As the group gathers in a park, the story ends with the heartening sentiment: “Our voices show others who we are, what we believe in, and what makes us happy.” This inspiring story will motivate readers to use their own voices in thoughtful ways. Adumetey ably underscores the importance of finding joy and cultivating passion. Biswas’ lifelike digital illustrations show diverse people playing, skating, expressing themselves via sign language, and more. Vivid green grass, lifelike trees, bright skies, and up-close animal depictions add cheer and liveliness. Tracing and coloring pages are included.

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