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Discovering her flock is getting a watchdog as protection from wolves, Lana Lynn decides to handle his training. When a “stranger with yellow eyes and pointed teeth” creeps out of the woods, Lana Lynn assumes he’s the watchdog, but her more discerning pal Shawn’s not sure. Lana Lynn asks the stranger if he’s there to “take care of the sheep,” and he nods and licks his lips. She immediately commences training the stunned stranger, relentlessly ordering him to move the flock from meadow to pond, which he fails at all afternoon. By evening, unflappable Lana Lynn initiates phase two of watchdog training, forcing the stranger to stay awake all night and the following day to guard the flock. Phase three involves the now-exhausted, befuddled stranger protecting Shawn while Lana Lynn pretends to be an attacking wolf. However, when the stranger grabs Shawn, Lana Lynn decides the training’s over, just in time for her to meet the real new watchdog. While the text suggests the stranger’s other than the watchdog, the droll illustrations leave no doubt. Loose outlines and flat, colorful shapes reveal the stranger to be an increasingly confused, overwhelmed, and whipped wolf who has clearly met his match in determined, clueless little Lana Lynn.


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