Little Free Library Add-Ons to Make Your LFL a Local Landmark

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Last fall, my partner and I bought our first house in a small Midwestern town that’s only a block away from a well-loved park with a nice amount of foot traffic. Buying your first home is a big deal and one would think that there are many details and practical implications to take in, but my first thought was, “FINALLY my dreams of maintaining my own Little Free Library can come to fruition!” (No joke, it took about all of five seconds after we made the offer on the house for me to start talking about where exactly I wanted to place it in the yard.)

Unfortunately, moving and house updates and life got in the way, and now it’s too cold to dig a hole for the post that’s needed, so my LFL dreams will just have to wait a few more months until things warm up. I’ve filled my time trying to narrow down the perfect LFL for my vision and needs and I’ve discovered that not only are there about a million different Little Free Libraries to buy (or plans to buy so you can construct your own!), but there are so many different accessories and add-ons that you can acquire to really make your LFL stand out in the neighborhood. This seems like such a great way to personalize your LFL, especially if you can’t afford a custom build. So whether you’ve got a LFL in your yard that you want to spruce up, or are simply dreaming, make note of these cool Little Free Library add-ons and accessories!

Garden Library Pole Mount ($225): I’m planning on putting my LFL in a landscaped corner of my yard, but I love the idea of a pole with garden boxes so you can plant whatever you want at the base!

Flag Mount ($25): Sure, you could put an American flag over your LFL…or you could put a rainbow flag over your super queer LFL! The possibilities are plentiful!

Wooden LFL with a flag holder displaying a small American flag.

Memorial Plaque ($150): Does your Little Free Library have a story to tell? Share it with your patrons on this aluminum plaque, which is customizable and is designed to hang from your LFL!

A white plaque with black text and a gray border, designed to hang from your LFL

Tree of Wisdom Finial ($35): Add this metal final to the top of your LFL’s peaked roof for a classic look!

Metal tree finial

Little Library Sign ($24): While most people probably understand the function of a LFL, a little extra encouragement is always welcome!

Black wooden sign with laser cut-out lettering reading

Bird Temperature Gauge ($30): I find this little thermometer for the side of your LFL so charming — it reminds me of my grandparents’ farm, and the finials and weather vanes they had on their outbuildings!

A hanging thermometer mounted to the side of a LFL, with a bird on top.

LFL Flip Signs ($14): Here’s a clever idea: You can attach these flip signs to your library (this of them like mailbox flags) and then flip them up so your message can be seen! They have fun messages like “dogs welcome” and “new books added” alongside practical ones like “donations needed.”

a set of four white flip signs that read

Customizable LFL Stamp ($20): Add a little stamp with your LFL info to each book you place inside to let people know where they got it and where they can find more!

A stamp on a cream tag that reads

Little Free Library Printable Sign ($6): While not weather proof, maybe there are opportunities for you to hang this poster to advertise your LFL!

A black poster the reads

Personalized LFL Bookmarks ($6): If you want to leave bookmarks in your LFL or just get the word out about where folks can find great free books, then check out this printable option!

Set of bookmarks that can be customized to advertise your LFL, with a black cat on a stack of books.

Little Free Library Activity Sheet ($5): For just a few bucks, you can download this activity sheet and keep your LFL stocked with it. This is especially great for kids who stop by!

A stack of activity sheets that are all LFL themed and kid appropriate

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