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An unnamed llama unsuccessfully tries to persuade a group of kids that “Nobody likes unicorns” and llamas are superior. For example, when the llama complains that unicorns shed, one kid retorts, “Don’t llamas shed, too?” (Blanco’s illustrations will appeal to kids, particularly a goofy scene in which the llama water-skis to prove that its wool is water-resistant.) When the llama explains that unicorns have dangerous horns while llamas are “huggable and harmless,” a youngster replies that “unicorn horns are made to help, not hurt!” Finally, when a kid explains that unicorns grant wishes, the llama is intrigued. They all close their eyes and make a wish, and a unicorn approaches. The white creature with a multicolored mane places a headband with a rainbow horn on the llama’s head. The llama proclaims, “I’m a LLAMACORN!!” and concludes that “Nobody likes unicorns…BECAUSE EVERYBODY LOVES THEM!” Readers will enjoy the amusing protagonist and whimsical scenes. Through the llama’s experiences, Kilpatrick emphasizes the importance of learning about others and avoiding presumptions. Some moments include informative educational elements, including a diagram of the llama’s anatomical features and a list of “REASONS TO ALSO LOVE LLAMAS.” The children are a diverse group, portrayed with an array of different skin tones.


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