Our Trespasses by Michael Cordell a Book Review


                                                                          By          Michael Cordell


No one likes it when someone trespasses on our lives or even on our lands.  Michael Cordell has written a novel entitled ‘Our Trespasses’.  This is a story of two brothers who need to work something out between them and the Our Trespassesfamily and friends that are around them.  ‘Our Trespasses’ is quite a spiritual adventure of good and evil that will keep you turning the pages.  Michael has quite the aptitude to make understanding various family aspects of living.  There are misunderstandings, and then there are misunderstandings as all these characters will find out.  

Michael has chosen his words carefully to make the story real in some ways. But as mentioned a little earlier this story does seem to get a bit spiritual in various circumstances in the book.  The cover art of the house depicts what may occur reading the story.  Other aspects that make this book a good read is the way Matthew is presented and when he arrives at his brother’s house and what happens several times and you wonder if that could really happen in real life.  We must all try to understand the what, when, where, and why events in one’s life occurs and then try to fix those various issues. ‘Our Trespasses’ is quite the ‘spiritual’ adventure. An original and well-written, page-turner, with strong characters that you can root for.

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Book Summary

Drowning in a meaningless existence flipping burgers, Matthew Davis suddenly collapses from a powerful psychic connection he shares with his twin brother, Jake. The pain is violent and immediate, and Matt knows exactly what it means… hundreds of miles away, Jake has been viciously killed. But instead of severing their connection, the murder intensifies it and Matt begins to suffer the agony of Jake’s afterlife.

Hell bent on solving Jake’s murder in order to break the connection, Matt travels to his troubled hometown of Hatchett, Nebraska, where an old lover and savage new enemies expose the festering wounds that Jake left behind.

Matt tries atoning for Jake’s sins, but when a demon infests the connection between the two brothers, Matt must find a way to sever their bond before his world, and ours, become engulfed in the flames of hell.

Fans of Stephen King’s The Outsider, Stephen Graham Jones’ The Only Good Indians, and William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist will find this new paranormal thriller impossible to put down.


About the Author

Michael Cordell is a novelist, playwright and produced screenwriter. He has sold three screenplays to Hollywood, including Beeper, an action-thriller starring Harvey Keitel and Joey Lauren Adams.

His transition to writing novels is the result of a strong interest in expanding the depth and scale of his stories, something that was difficult to do within the confines of a screenplay. 

Michael has taught screenwriting at the University of Virginia, provides screenplay critiques, and works with screenwriters to make their scripts more marketable to Hollywood

Michael Cordell – Novelist/Screenwriter (michaeljcordell.com)

2021ISBN:  978-1-63161-153-7TCK Publishing   https://www.tckpublishing.com/TCK Publishing – Independent Fiction and Nonfiction Book Publisher

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