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Winter is perfect for snuggling up in your snuggliest blanket and settling down with a great comic. And while most of us have our favourite reading spot (and will fight for it to the death), finding the right comfies to go with it can be a little tricky. I love my book-related blankets and I love my book-related pyjamas. But comic book related bedding can be a bit limited. 

Comic books still have a tendency to be associated with kids. Now, you know and I know comic books are for everyone, and there are some comics that are absolutely not for kids. When I went looking for the best comics bedding to snuggle with in winter, I was swamped with baby blankets, kids/single bed duvet sets, and a whole bunch of unlicensed DC and Marvel items. Okay, it was kind of cute to look at for the first page or two, but really frustrating by page 12. I want something a little more…mature? However, be forewarned. If you go looking for manga-related bedding, you’re going to find quite a bit of risqué custom-made sheets and duvet covers (and some cosplay outfits too).

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some great comic and manga related bedding to keep your reading warm during winter, here are some of the best. 

Usagi Pattern Fleece Hooded Blanket
  1. Usagi Pattern Fleece Hooded Blanket ($51)

This handmade fleece hooded blanket is perfect for any Sailor Scout with a love for bunnies. Wrap yourself up in this cozy blanket while reading your fave Sailor Moon comic book. Comes in three sizes, depending on how much extra length you want to cocoon yourself in. 

Laidback Camp Hooded Blanket - Secret Society
  1. Laidback Camp Hooded Blanket | Secret Society Blanket ($64)

Comes into two character choices: the cool green colours of Rin Shima, or the warmer pink colours of Nadeshiko. 

Pew Pew Pikachu Snuggle Blanket
  1. Pew Pew Pikachu Snuggle Blanket {lovey size} ($30)

A super fun snuggle blanket featuring an embroidered Pikachu playing a video game. You can personalise it with your name. The blanket measures 18 inches by 22 inches, making it a small cozy size for keeping little ones warm. 

Superhero Custom Bedding with Cat Hero Duvet Cover
  1. Superhero Custom Bedding, Cat Hero Duvet Cover (from $116)

I love the superhero cat on this set. The bold black and yellow colours brighten up my bedroom, giving my fave reading space a nice warm feel to it. The duvet cover comes in varied sizes, so you can have it on your bed or a smaller one on the couch. 

Pink Fun Socks with
  1. Pink Fun Socks with “If you can read this, bring me coffee” ($15)

For a bit of fun, grab these fleece-lined comfy socks and wear them when you’re reading. If someone dares to disturb you, simply point to the socks and await your warm beverage to be personally delivered. 

Paper Throw Blanket
  1. Paper Throw Blanket ($64)

So it’s not exactly comic book–inspired, but it is perfect for anyone who loves to take notes while reading. This 100% woven cotton throw is great for the sofa and perfect for covering up your legs while you dive into the next graphic novel. 

Custom Daki Body Pillow
  1. Custom Daki Body Pillow (from $55)

This is open to your imagination. Personally, I love the stick figure they are using as an example. I don’t think that is what they intended, but the stick figure is the ultimate comic book character (at least for me since I can’t draw to save my life). I see nothing wrong with snuggling up to Stick Figure. 

Attack on Titan Blanket Cloak
  1. Attack on Titan Blanket Cloak ($33)

The smooth, high-quality flannel is so cozy and warm! Perfect for snuggling with in winter. And much better than the alternative in the book!! Available in three sizes depending on your level of comfort. 

Pizza Cthulhu Pillowcase
  1. Pizza Cthulhu Pillowcase ($25)

Cthulhu does not judge your winter coping mechanisms. Cthulhu only wants to be included. This cushion is great for making your winter snuggle reading spot just a little more comfortable. BYO Pizza, naturally.  

Seven Deadly Sins Kings Pillow
  1. Seven Deadly Sins Kings Pillow ($28)

Looking for something a little more subtle? This throw pillow design was inspired by King’s Chastiefol from the Seven Deadly Sins anime and manga. It includes a polyester insight with a hidden zipper. Fans will instantly recognise it while non-manga fans will think nothing more than “oh, what a lovely pillow!”

Always Tired Throw Blanket inspired by Aizawa from My Hero Academia
  1. Always Tired Throw Blanket, inspired by Aizawa ($36)

How many times have you read My Hero Academia, looked at Aizawa, and think, “I feel this, sooooo much!” That guy is always tired and just wants to rest. Now you can have a blanket to capture The Mood while snuggling in winter. There’s nothing flashy about it. Just a simple black blanket, with white words saying “Always Tired”. Because when you’re Aizawa-tired, you don’t need anything special. I’m still looking to see if this comes as a sleeping bag. 

I Love Reading Mangas Pillowcase
  1. I Love Reading Mangas – White Standard Size Pillowcase ($16)

A good comfy reading pillow deserves an honest and open pillowcase. “I love reading mangas” shouts it to everybody: You love reading and THIS SPOT is your reading spot. No one messes with a manga pro. 

Flannel Cat Bed - Super Hero Pet Bed
  1. Flannel Cat Bed – super hero pet bed ($35)

Why should humans have all of the fun? This Flannel Cat bed is super cozy with all the right words to encourage some comic book love in your favourite feline (who am I kidding? The damn cat will only use it when I’m not watching). The sushi smoosh bed gives your pet somewhere to snuggle in winter with you. 

Comic Book Throw Blanket
  1. Comic Book Throw Blanket ($43)

Keep it simple with this brightly coloured comic book throw blanket. It’s soft and silky smooth, perfect for wrapping around your legs to keep you warm. The stylised words capture all of the old-school feels you get when reading any superhero book. 

Retro Comic Glasses Girl Velveteen Plush Blanket
  1. Retro Comic Glasses Girl Velveteen Plush Blanket ($20)

Retro comics are having a renaissance right now with an art style you cannot miss. Plush velveteen is such a warm and cozy fabric, matching perfectly with this bold style of art. This blanket comes in three sizes to match your style and your home decor. 

Totoro 3-in-1 Plush Blanket Pillow and Hand warmer
  1. Totoro 3-in-1 Plush | Totoro Blanket + Pillow + Hand Warmer Toy ($45)

Check out this three-piece set to keep you warm while reading Totoro manga. The cotton fabric is soft to the touch making the whole set so cozy to snuggle up with in winter. And let’s face it — we all want a Totoro watching over us during winter!

Hot Japanese Anime Hunter X Hunter Hoodie
  1. Hot Japanese Anime Hunter X Hunter Hoodie ($30)

So many of our favourite manga are being adapted for anime right now (especially on Netflix). Hunter x Hunter is currently on hiatus but there are still 36 volumes to revisit. Wrap yourself up in this ultra-warm hoodie and make yourself comfortable. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Chibi Throw Blanket
  1. Jujutsu Kaisen Chibi Throw Blanket ($35)

Jujustu Kaisen was The Hottest Manga in 2021, and this chibi throw blanket is simply too cute for this series! The blanket is handmade with super soft silk-touch fabric. Each of the chibi characters is adorably accurate without making it too ridiculous. You’ll never want to leave this behind. 

We comic book lovers should be able to display our fandoms whenever and wherever we like! But knowing our style, we mostly want to display it when we’re wrapped up with a great comic. There are plenty of options to choose from and keep you warm throughout winter. And I won’t tell if you want to keep them out in summer too. Enjoy!


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