The TTRPG You Should Play Next, Based On Your Reading Habits


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Dungeons & Dragons is more popular now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. In fact, plenty of fantastic tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) from indie creators are ready and waiting for you to have a go at them. Whether you’ve played TTRPGs before, or you’re looking for your first foray into the world of tabletop gaming, the quiz below will tell you which TTRPG you should play next.

Finding the TTRPG that’s right for you can be challenging. It’s not as cut and dry as seating fantasy fans at the D&D table and giving the sci-fi readers over to Cyberpunk. Everyone has their own tastes, values, and — sorry — traumas. This quiz only uses your reading habits to determine the TTRPG you should play next.

That’s all to say that, unfortunately, your results may vary. If your result doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry. I’m also confident that one of the TTRPGs on the list below will be perfect for you and your friends. Once you’ve finished taking the quiz — and I won’t tell if you want to take it multiple times — be sure to check out all the possible results below.

Above all else, remember to stay safe and have fun. That’s what gaming is all about, after all.

The TTRPG You Should Play Next, Based On Your Reading Habits

TTRPG Recommendations

Want to check out more great TTRPGs to play this year? Here’s the full list of possible recommendations:

cover of Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall

Armour Astir: Advent by Briar Sovereign

Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova

Dream Askew / Dream Apart by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum

Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall by Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim

Magical Kitties Save the Day by Matthew J. Hanson

MYTHIC D6 by Khepera Publishing

Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Role Play by Atsuhiro Okada and Daniel Solis

Sleepaway by Jay Dragon

Songs for the Dusk by Kavita Poduri and Quinn Vega

Urban Shadows by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman

Books Mentioned

And here are all the books mentioned in the quiz! If you’re looking for a series, please keep in mind that series are listed by their first installment:

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