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An exuberantly hairy blue monster with bright yellow eyes, so lanky it has to bend over and spread out across the book gutter and onto the next page, declares, “HELLO! I’m the UGLIEST MONSTER in the WORLD!” Another monster, this one quite round and covered in red fur with dashes of teal, begs to differ: “NO WAY! I’m the UGLIEST MONSTER in the WORLD!” As they dress up with hats and wigs and clothes in wonderful shapes, colors, and styles, each trying to look even uglier, a third monster—with yellow fur, a cute unibrow, and an interesting appendage that could be a nose or an ear—makes an appearance: “[A]ctually…I’M the UGLIEST MONSTER in the WORLD!” Perhaps looking in a mirror will help them decide who is the ugliest. The humorous answer and resulting reaction as all three faint dead away will have children squealing with laughter. Salcedo’s highly expressive and lighthearted illustrations keep the focus squarely on these more-lovable-than-ugly monsters, depicting them against a plain beige background. The story hails from Spain, and a Spanish edition, El monstruo más feo del mundo, publishes simultaneously.


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