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Are you looking for a unique gift for a reader in your life or a gift that’ll bring you a little cheer now or down the road? One of my favorite sites to peruse for any kind of clever gift is Uncommon Goods, which is a real treasure trove of fun gifts for readers who seem like they have everything.

I’ve been a long-time fan of their scratch off book poster — linked below in the roundup — and beyond that, there’s a wealth of great gift ideas including candles, glasses, and fun bookish accessories. Consider some of these perfect for stuffing a stocking or including with a larger gift or go all in and splurge on something more spendy (and let’s be clear: I find spendy to be $30 or more, so your mileage may vary!).

Let’s dive in to all things uncommonly good with these great bookish ideas from Uncommon Goods this year. Some will be perfect for adults while others make perfect treats for young people.

Prices listed on this guide are all normal sales prices and don’t reflect any sales or specials which may happen during the holiday season. That means you may click and discover an even better deal than anticipated.

Where would a look good in your life? I’d imagine this to be nice in your office or in your personal library. $25

Give a kid their with this fun young reader passport. The pages inside ask for art and thoughts on the books they’ve read or have read to them. $20

This is on backorder until about New Year’s, so don’t pick this one up planning to gift it for the holidays. Instead, get it as a post-holidays treat to you or to squirrel away for a birthday gift next year. $20

When is the last time you picked up and enjoyed a pop-up book? Choose from among these and read these, then showcase them on your shelves (or suggest your giftee do so) as some rad bookish art. $40

Select from seven options with these and bring ambiance to a reading experience. $32

I never understood magnifying glasses as anything other than decorative until I hit my mid-30s and know their daily value. This one is a fun , perfect for the elder millennials like me who need some help reading the print edition. $40

Having fun isn’t hard when you have a . $20

Talk about a fun way to take on a reading challenge. This offers 100 titles to read and scratch off as you go. There’s a , too, though you may have to wait for that to come back into stock. $15

Gift a bouquet of . $13 for a set of eight.

If only they made for grown ups and not just babies! $40–42

. Novelties. Get yourself some delicious literary teas in the flavor of one of these sumptuous tomes. $35

Whether you like your drinks on the rocks or not, these rock. $16 each, with four different options.

This is one I’d love to join. Work on this 1000 piece puzzle with a drink or an audiobook (or both). $17

I love a good piece of . Grab a letter of choice for $78.

If you love houseplants or WANT to love houseplants but have a rough track record with them, these are an outstanding gift. $65, no water needed.

Need more gifts for readers? Here’s a roundup of some of the best reader gifts under $30, along with a host of book puzzles.


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